• Personal Introduction Videos

    Personal Introduction Videos

    Here are 3 samples of 30-90 second introduction videos which are perfect for realtors, doctors, attorneys and other professionals. They can be used anywhere including websites, social media and on default email signatures. Adding some drone scenery footage can spice up these short intro videos. We capture your personality as well as telling your story in a concise manner.

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  • Introductions with Testimonials

    Introductions with Testimonials

    Here is a series of 3 videos we did for a local realtor. She chose to have us film some testimonials which is a great approach. Filming on her boat with sound could have been challenging, but we use the newest cameras, stabilizers and microphones, No problem.

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  • Interview Blooper Reel

    Interview Blooper Reel

    Interviews are the backbone of most projects we produce. Everyone is somewhat uncomfortable being on camera. We have vast experience conducting interviews and help people look their best. But it’s good to have a giggle at ourselves too. This blooper reel is from a series of video Blogs we produced for a local law firm.

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  • Real Estate Home Tour

    Real Estate Home Tour

    Our goal is to show real estate properties from dawn to dusk, giving the viewer a true feel of the space. This requires several trips to the property. Drone aerials are just a part of this service.

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  • Manufacturer Introduction

    Manufacturer Introduction

    In this case we used old historical photos from the Panda Bicycle Company’s inception plus the interview with the founder to weave their story. Stock footage of the pandas eating bamboo was a nice addition.

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  • Retail Business Introduction

    Retail Business Introduction

    A traditional 60 second video. We helped write their script, filmed their store, staff and customers and arranged a professional voice over (V.O.) narration.

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  • Assisted Living Facility

    Assisted Living Facility

    In this video we chose to write a script about their services. Then have that narration be delivered by an actor who would pose as the daughter of a resident. Telling the story from this perspective can be more accessible to the viewer. Filming the residents during normal activities provided a glimpse into the excellent care this facility provides.

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  • Service Organizations

    Service Organizations

    A series of videos is a great way to increase the lifespan of your video presence. We filmed 5 testimonial videos with Realtors Association of Sarasota and Manatee members. Each of them spoke on different aspects of their membership. We produced 1 video for each of the 5 interviews and then combined pieces of all 5 for a single comprehensive video for use on the home page of the Realtors Association of Sarasota and Manatee.

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  • Classic 30 second TV spot

    Classic 30 second TV spot

    Sometimes imagery, music and loud ambient noise is enough.

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  • Corporate Events

    Corporate Events

    We can cover your corporate party or fund raising event and produce a fun social media video. People love to watch and share these, giving your event additional exposure long after the event has passed.

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  • Product Videos

    Product Videos

    Show your product or beautiful facility. A carefully written script with Professional V.O. and studio filming of the device was the process for this client. Every product or business is different. We are experts at finding your story and helping you share.

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  • Narrative Commercials

    Narrative Commercials

    Emotional scripting, casting actors and filming at multiple locations can produce a video that will engage your viewers at a much deeper level. We enjoy making more involved projects like this.

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  • Narrative Short Film

    Narrative Short Film

    We produced this short film in the winter of 2013 for the Canyon Concert Ballet in Colorado. Two students and an instructor were cast as daydreaming artists.

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