Stop Making These 3 Excuses for Not Creating Business Video

Stop Making These Three Excuses for Not Creating Videos

You’ve heard all the stats.
Over 88 million people watch an online video on a given day.
Online video is currently 40% of consumer Internet traffic.
YouTube remains the world’s second-largest search engine.

So, are you putting video marketing to work for your organization?
I suspect people avoid creating videos because of one of three reasons:
You hate being on camera.
You don’t have the budget to shoot high-end video.
You can’t imagine what you know or do that would make an interesting video.
None of those excuses is acceptable. Let’s dig into them and find solutions that will get your first video uploaded in no time.

I Hate Being on Camera
It’s a rare person that likes the way he or she looks in photos or on video. So, people avoid it like the plague.

The good news about our Sarasota video production is that we have plenty of options in terms of style and content delivery that can bypass putting you on camera.
Remember: The purpose of an online video is to share your knowledge, expertise, or product’s usefulness. Videos should be less than 2 minutes long, actually the shorter the better.

The even better news is that no matter how beautiful you are, the talking head style of video is typically pretty flat. Using other visuals will enhance the viewer’s experience and increase the likelihood of your video being shared with others.

I Don’t Have the Budget to Shoot High-End Video
Our video production company uses a small crew approach. Corporate video production isn’t about the cameras, it’s about you and your story. For example, the video that is on your home page and introduces your concept, product, or service to your web visitors deserves to be professionally produced for maximum impact. But that doesn’t mean it will cost a fortune. It’s about content as well as presentation. In fact, if it’s a little raw, it feels more authentic and personal.

I Don’t Have Anything of Interest or Value to Put on Video
In many cases, good online video is a snack-sized sample of what you do every day. Odds are you have plenty of content already created that could be converted into some valuable videos. Think of the top five questions you get asked by clients. Each one of them (with your corresponding answer) could be a :30-:45 second video.

Have you put together a presentation lately? Break it down into 3 or 4 bullet points that could be combined into a video. Or make those points stand alone in several 15-30 second Facebook shorts.
How about case studies? Those make excellent videos. Or interview your best clients on how you helped their business. Or do a product demo or some customer testimonials (remember, there are ways to shoot those so they don’t have to be on camera either!)

Bottom line. You don’t have any excuse to avoid creating videos. With video being such a prevailing and influential tool on the web, you can’t really afford not to be out there. It’s time to give us a call!

Written by: Bill Sallaz, Owner
Specializing in Web Video Production Services
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