Levels of Service

BizPage2 Minute Films is committed to bring the best possible level of production to business videos and work with our clients to maximize the results within their budgets. When it comes to creating videos and films, the sky is the limit. You want a Hollywood star talking about the virtues of your company while an internationally known rock band belts out an original song with your company name in the title? We do too. That would be a really great day of filming. But we are also a small company with budgets, so we understand when to pull back on the dreams and start looking for more reasonable solutions.

Our primary service is creating films in the two minute range, just like our company name. For many reasons, including the attention span of the common audience, we feel that videos in between 90 seconds and 2 minutes work the best in introducing your business or products to a new audience. Our writing team will work with you to get all of the details right and to create a clear method to deliver your story, so when the day arrives and the cameras start rolling, our director and crew work through the process as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. And when we arrive at the post-production stage, our editors find the best piece of music to go along with the message, rights cleared and without any possible legal hassle later on. As filmmaking is a collaborative process, we encourage our partners in the process to offer feedback along the way to create the best video for your company.

Do we make longer videos with an even higher production value? Our “higher” services provide a wide range of additional production items and talents. Sometimes, a longer video is needed. We’ve done facility tours, multi-part interviews, promotional pitches and narrative stories that just simply take longer than two minutes to cover all of the bases. When you need a professional delivery to tell your story, we can bring in the right actor or spokesperson from our network of local talent. Need “extras” to fill your store, we can do that too. Want rain in a scene, or transform an empty house into a showcase or that fancy helicopter shot you saw at the movies? We like to dream big too. We can help bring these production items (and many more) to the project with an honest & professional process, so we can make informed choices and make sure the budget doesn’t grow beyond your limits.

But wait! What happens if you are working on a limited budget and don’t need more than a short video, but still want a professional looking project for your website or Facebook page? 2 Minute Films also offers an economy service that doesn’t exceed your budget and offers an even fast turn-around time. Using the same professional staff that works on larger projects, we can use your photography & videos to put together a short video under 45 seconds that still gets your story out to a potential audience. We can even schedule a videographer to come out to your location to shoot a short interview and a few scenes around your store or office. The economy service offers a great professional-looking entry point into a video presentation on the internet.

Three levels of service…. Primary, Higher & Economy. From letting your imagination run wild to making a budget-wise investment into business videos, 2 Minute Films is your choice in Florida video production companies.