Happy New Year to All

Each January as the planet earth begins a new trip around the sun, I always review my business and personal goals. I resist making classic New Year resolutions, that’s a set up for failure. Instead I recall successes from the previous year and ponder why other marketing attempts didn’t go so well.

As usual the new business I developed in 2018 came from several avenues. But often new video production clients came from basic website inquiries. Having a clear and easy to navigate website is extremely important for all businesses regardless of your products or services. We revamped our 2MinuteFilms website in 2018 to make it even more visual and easy to navigate. I have a personal introduction video on our services page. And I also use that personal intro video as part of my default email signature.

I recently came across this article Trends in Video Advertising from ShopKick. It addresses the growth of live streaming video on social media and goes so far as to call it “The future of social media”.

One of the most significant challenges in video advertising is not simply attracting viewers but in keeping them engaged from beginning to end. The longer a video is watched, the more likely the consumer is to retain the brand’s message or even buy its product. Content is just one of many factors that can determine if a video is viewed in its entirety. Making a video production interesting or “watchable” is our goal. We have a production formula for doing just that, regardless if your budget is hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Many of the major brands are using social media videos with celebrity endorsements tied into more complete marketing plans for products and services. This overall growth in video validates the continued effectiveness of even a simple video addition to your website.

Best wishes for 2019!

Thank you for reading our 2 Minute Films Blog!

Written by: Bill Sallaz, Owner
Specializing in Web Video Production Services
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