12 days in Maui

Our vacations in recent years have been just a few days added to an out of town assignment. But our daughter Ashley moved to Maui and this was our first visit to see her there. 12 glorious days in Hawaii. Of course I had to make a home movie of our trip. Most of it was shot with my iPhone and a GoPro but I did take a D800 for the whales, Jaws and some time lapses. So take a coffee break and check it out. Here are the chapter markers if you need to skip ahead;
0:00 We arrive in Kahului and spend our first day in Paia.
1:38 Us trying to surf.
3:20 Pros surfing at JAWS.
5:20 Us snorkeling.
6:52 Sunrise at the summit of Haleakala volcano.
8:54 The road to Hana, Google it.
10:02 Hiking in Hana.
12:31 More scenery in Hana.
14:15 Whale watching on the Teralani 2.
17:03 Bits and Pieces.
18:33 Credits.
Mahalo for watching our vacation film.

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